RPG Maker MV Preorder & Release Date

RPG Maker MV Preorder & Release Date

RPG Maker MV is being released on October 23, 2015.

You can preorder your copy with a 10% discount and two bonus packs: the Cover Art Characters Pack and the MV Essentials Set. Steam or non-Steam keys will be available when RPG Maker MV is officially released.

The preorder cost (with the discount) is a princely $71.99, but to me (based on what I’ve seen so far) it’s worth it!

RPG Maker MV Official Trailer

What Makes RPG Maker MV Exciting

Previous RPG Makers (from 2K to VXA) have only been limited to Windows only. However, RPG Maker MV can now be used on both Windows and Mac machines. Not only that, you can also export games you create to Android or iOS, as well as to HTML5 so games can be playable on your websites.

In this video, Stephen Plays showcases some of the features in RPG Maker MV. He was one of the fortunate ones to have a preview version to play with.

The tiles are larger with "intelligent" tile transparency and you can choose between front-view or side-view battles, depending on your preference. RPG Maker MV also comes with a built-in character creator, complete with sprites and facesets, which will be very useful for creating styled characters.

RPG Maker MV Official Page

You can view some of the major features in RPG Maker MV on the RPG Maker Web page, which includes a playable demo on the website.

I’ve preordered my copy already and, although the price may be somewhat high, it’s definitely worth it! Being able to create and produce RPG Maker MV games on a wide range of formats is a huge plus! I’m looking forward to RPG Maker MV; I’ll activate my copy through Steam, though you can choose to have a non-Steam key if you prefer.