RPG Maker DS?

I guess Enterbrain is making an RPG Maker for the Nintendo DS. Scheduled release date is January 28, 2010 and recommended retail price is ¥5,460 (which equates to the usual $60 USD).

Early indications show that it is a minimalized version of the RPG Makers we already know and love, but making use of the NDS’s touch screens and stylus. And using that modus operandi the maps can be created with a “feeling of paint on a canvas”, which should be interesting.

One of the things I’m not sure about is their considerations on limiting the parameters of items, equipment and monsters to only two – name and attack power (and I assume HP and SP also).

I think though, from what I can gather, that the reasons behind this is primarily to introduce RPG Maker to an entirely different market, in the hopes that eventually they will want to purchase the “next gen” ones, like RMXP or RMVX or the ones available on the PlayStation.

It’ll be interesting to watch for the outcome of this latest venture, and may or may not get it for the NDS when it’s eventually released.

Further details – as sparse as they are at the moment – can be found here. Note that this is the Google-translated version, so you can expect the grammatical and syntax errors to raise those hackles, but at least there are screenshots on the page to mellow things out.

4 thoughts on“RPG Maker DS?

  1. RPG Maker for the DS? I’m always kind of skeptical when it comes to the RPG Makers created for the consoles, mainly because they’re always limited in some way. Maybe they’ll make good use of the DS’s wireless connection and allow users to trade created items like monsters, weapons, etc…between players. That’d be kind of neat. I think I’ll just stick with the PC RPG Makers for now though. Thanks for the info!

  2. It looks like Wifi is going to play a part in it, but how that will factor is anyone’s guess at the moment. I have played the SNES version and will probably try the NDS version if and when it comes out. Time will tell.