RPG Maker DS Release Date

Enterbrain formally announced (in October) a release date for the long anticipated RPG Tsukuru DS, as it’s called. The title is expected to cost 5460 yen, but there has been no news about a US or EU version or release dates announced so far.

The release of RPG Tsukuru DS, originally scheduled for release in Japan on January 28, 2010, has now been postponed until March 11, 2010. This was announced on the Enterbrain website (11 November).

Nintendo Orimashita, devoted to developing RPG Maker for the launch date [January 28, 2010] for the DS For RPG Maker, has decided to change the release date to make further improvements on the content and quality of game…

We apologize to everyone in the media and distribution and for any inconvenience, and especially to everyone who was looking forward to the release date more than anyone else.

RPG Maker DS
RPG Maker DS
The following excerpt is taken from the Gamer Grenade News Blog (the link no longer seems to go to the article), which gives some idea as to what it will be like:

RPG Tsukuru DS will allow players to make their very own Japanese-style RPG, defining everything from characters and world maps to monsters and equipment. The tools are all touch-screen compatible, making the creation process a lot faster than before, and players will be able to use Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, in order to exchange game data with other friends, although the exact details are still yet to be determined.

In addition RPG Maker features an easy-to-use toolset and transforms instruction into worlds allowing players to produce exciting and enchanting games. They choose their characters, worlds, 1,500 items, landscapes, 150 music pieces, add a script, share creations with other users and more. Players have the ability to create the biggest and best RPG with an epic storyline.

I know that I’m looking forward to trying this title – if it is released in English – so only time will tell what Enterbrain decides to do.

4 thoughts on“RPG Maker DS Release Date

  1. At least, so far it looks like there will be enough variety in terms of content like items and music. Still don’t care for the console RPG Makers too much because they’re always limited in some way, but I’m happy they’re implementing scripting. That somewhat answers my unspoken questions about the battle system. Guess we’ll know more once its released though!

  2. I agree, and remember how “limited” RPG Tsukuru on the SNES was (I had the “original” Japanese version, but got the translated emulation one). Still managed to create a few games for it. It’ll be interesting to watch this title.