RPG Maker Comic Book

RPG Maker Rage Comics is a series of comic strips with N00bs in mind. After all, “Nothing brings more rage than noobs”. Because my scripting and resource creating skills are shamefully lacking, I could be considered as one, but I’m not a noob to the entire RPG Maker scene, and some of the things outlined in the comic assuredly typifies the kinds of things that RPG Maker newbies would say or do, taking the best (and worst) parts of “newbity” and regarding them almost with contemptuous cynicism. And it is quite funny!

And, while we’re on the topic, AlphaWhelp’s Comic Book Scenes allows the use of comic strip cutscenes in RMVX. While the post (and probably the script) is old and out-of-date, it will certainly add an extra dimension to the game, plot development and an element of humour to a game. It even has a “page flip” sound effect for when you turn the page.