RMXP/VX Windowskins #1

After having discovered the peerless Hiper WindowSkin Maker, windowskins for both RMXP and RMVX will now be placed in a single entry. There’s no need for separate entries, but as usual all new windowskins will be easily accessible either from the RMXP Windowskins or RMVX Windowskins index pages.

Let’s get the ball rolling and deliver some more windowskins.


Dragonis Gothic Horror
Dragonis - RMXP Windowskin Gothic Horror - RMXP Windowskin
Futuristic #1 Futuristic #2
Futuristic 1 - RMXP Windowskin Futuristic 2 - RMXP Windowskin


Dragonis Gothic Horror
Dragonis - RMVX Windowskin Gothic Horror - RMVX Windowskin
Futuristic #1 Futuristic #2
Futuristic 1 - RMVX Windowskin Futuristic 2 - RMVX Windowskin

Author: CompanionWulf