RMVXA Windowskins

In RMVXA, windowskins aren’t really necessary since you can change the windowskin colours in the Database. However, this is the same as the standard default window prevalent in RMVX.

All RMVX windowskins will work in RMVXA. Caveat: The “Window Color” will override the windowskin background colour unless you change it manually.

How To Import A Windowskin Into RMVXA

  • Open the Resource Manager (F10).
  • Import the RMVX Windowskin into the

    and set the transparencies (the same way you would in RMVX).

  • Open the Database (F9) and in the System tab, double-click on Window Color to change the RGB accordingly via the sliders.
  • In the same way as RMVX, the the Window_Base script needs to be modified to update to the new windowskin.
    class Window_Base   alias cwvxws_initialize initialize
    def initialize(x, y, width, height)
    cwvxws_initialize(x, y, width, height)
    self.windowskin = Cache.system("Roma")

Note that this is from memory, since my copy of RMVXA Trial expired, so this might be slightly inaccurate.