RMVXA Scripts – Yanfly Engine Ace

The legendary Yanfly (responsible for the equally legendary Yanfly Engine scripts) has released several scripts for RMVXA. As far as I know these are the first complete scripts for the new RPG Maker. The complete collection of Yanfly Engine Ace (YEA) is quite comprehensive. Below is the list of scripts available (no direct links) at the time of writing this entry.

  • Enemy HP Bars – Add-On to Ace Battle Engine
  • Ace Battle Engine – Basic battle engine core for VX Ace
  • Force Move Tiles – Tiles that force you to move in a designated direction
  • TP Manager – Manage your TP system with FFX style overdrive modes
  • Ace Menu Engine – Add, remove, and reorganize commands to your main menu in Ace
  • Call Random Battle – Call random battles rather than set battles for events
  • Base Troop Events – Every battle now draws event data from one troop group
  • Party System – Enables for larger than 4 party sizes (or less than!) and a menu to go with it
  • Common Event Tiles – Bind common events to trigger upon stepping on certain tiles
  • Flip Pictures – VXAce still lacks the ability to flip pictures. Not anymore!
  • Slippery Tiles – Step on ice. You slip.
  • Adjust Limits – No longer be confined by 9999 MaxHP, 9999 MaxMP, etc.
  • Ace Core Engine – Bugfixes and small mods