RMVX / VXA Resources

Lovely Blues Place has a handful of cool resources, including tileset and tileset extensions, as well as a plethora of sprites. Even though it hasn’t been updated for around a year, it’s still worth a mention because of the quality of these resources.

Halloween Charset

My favourite part of the website is actually the Halloween collection (an example is to the left).

There are 14 Halloween character sets to use. They’re cute and well drawn and, with October fast approaching, someone may be able to use them if they’re planning on creating a Halloween type game.

Garden Tileset

This is by far my favourite, the Garden Tileset. I can really see this in a garden or park setting, along with some park benches and lampposts.

RMVXA Compatibility

The charsets and tilesets should work with RMVXA, but unlike with RMVX, it’s possible to create new tilesets and add any additional autotiles. RMVXA also has a “VX Compatible Type” option under the tilesets Basic Settings as well.

If you use them, don’t forget to credit Lovely Blues somewhere in the game, usually the end credits.

2 thoughts on“RMVX / VXA Resources

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    And this is why I rarely contribute towards many forums actively. You say one wrong thing or appear to be too noobish in your approach and you’ll be banned. With some, they’re rather snooty and condescending, which does little to encourage those who genuinely want to learn or want help. Not all of them are like that, but a few are.