Resources & Updates

I’ll get the updates out of the way first before showcasing some of the resource links I’ve found. There are only a few of them anyway.

Site Updates

In a previous post I mentioned about migrating a few posts over to RPG Maker Times & Companion. These are primarily resources (including scripts and utilities), which will also give me a chance to go through and resolve any missing links. And then, once all of the sections are in place there, I can finally concentrate on the annoyingly redundant top menu. Many of the links will cross-reference RPG Maker Times Companion.


Here are a few very good resources sites (each opens in a new window/tab for convenience):

  • The Magnum of Noches – This is a very good, resource-rich site. Sadly, however, it was announced that updates to the site have ceased. Many of the resources are still online and ready for use, but make sure you credit the original creators accordingly.
  • Tieris Illia – This site does have quite a number of quality resources and materials, from iconsets to sideview battlers. It’s well worth checking out.
  • Blogshin – There are some awesome tiles add-ons on this site, primarily for RMVX/VXA. It’s in Portugese, but it’s easy to navigate and figure out. Well worth a visit if not to download anything, then just to browse.