Real Time KTS Mod

This is in answer to Miaucho‘s question (in the comments) about how it would be possible to rename the months to something else and is a followup to the Kylock Time System Script I posted a while ago.

While I have an intermediate understanding of RGSS at the moment, I will experiment on my own. That’s how I learn things. Thing is I couldn’t quite figure out how to implement the month array into the time system without encountering a few problems. My mind drew a blank.

Anyway, I found the Real Time KTS Mod by accident. This is a modification of Kylock’s, but it’s a very good one at that, utilizing the system clock for real time. Its rich array of features include:

  • Current Time (hours, minutes and seconds)
  • Current Date (weekday, month and year)
  • Seasons
  • Weather (according to season)

The demo version can also be downloaded here.

It should be easy to rename the months by placing an array in the KTS Module, something like:

MONTH_NAME = [“Month One”, “Month Two” … etc.]
Then calling it later (in getMonthName):

monthname = KTS::MONTH_NAME[@month]
And that should work. (I can’t thoroughly test it yet – but I will soon – as my copy of RMVX isn’t working properly for some reason!)

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