QEngine: Extra Message Codes Add-On Release Next Month

QEngine: Extra Message Codes Add-On Release Next Month

QEngine MV

As many of you may know by now, development on the QEngine for RPG Maker MV began some time ago. And it has continued on and off since then.

Originally written for VX, its purpose was to incorporate all of my scripts from the former Scripts/Add-Ons Compendium. However, over time, I added several additional options, functions and features to it.

And then, with its port-over to MV, came additional functions previously unavailable in its VX counterpart. Although, technically, it was possible to achieve this in RGSS2, I found it easier in JavaScript (because of my previous web design background). Once I started learning MV’s JavaScript architecture, I added more functions, mostly for conversion.

So, the birth of the new QEngine and its evolution resulted in a brand new core engine.

Extra Message Codes Add-On

I scheduled the release of the Extra Message Codes Add-On plugin for some time next month (along with its dependent QEngine). This is an upgraded version of the independent Extra Message Codes plugin I originally created.

This plugin will no longer receive active updates and eventually I’ll fizzle it out completely in favor of the new version. (I’ll archive it "as is" for anyone who still wants to use it.)

The new version contains the same escape codes as the original, but with some additions too.

Gender-Based Pronouns

Because the Extra Message Codes Add-On has note tags to define character gender, it now has the function to add pronouns. For males, you can use he/him/his and for females, it’s she/her/hers.

Another newly added feature is being able to use escape characters to reference some of my other plugins if they’re installed. For instance, for my Map Compass HUD plugin, you can state in a message if the compass is on/off. If it isn’t installed, "Not Installed" appears in the text.

No doubt I’ll add more in the future, especially during the QEngine’s development.