Q-Engine v4.0a Release Date

Q-Engine v4.0a Release Date

The Q-Engine version 4.0a (Alpha) will finally be released and uploaded on 10 March, 2015. The script and add-ons will be available exclusively on Pastebin, as will all other scripts from the middle of this month (this means that most of my scripts will no longer be self-hosted on this blogsite).

The Q-Engine add-ons to be included are:

  • Animated Title Add-On (QES-ATA)
  • Equipment Add-On (QES-EQA)
  • Status Screen Add-On (QES-SSA)
  • Combat Add-On (QES-CBS)
  • Game Over Add-On (QES-GOA)

The Game Over Add-On is not the animated version, as that is being reworked.

The Character Add-On has been temporarily withdrawn. It’s currently being reworked with elements relevant to characters being extracted from the Status Screen Add-On. The former will then be adjusted accordingly to reflect whether the latter is installed or not.