Q-Engine Script In Progress (RMVX)

Companion Wulf Presents

The Q-Engine Script was originally going to be named CWEngine, i.e. Companion Wulf’s Engine, and is a kind of foundation script for my own scripts, as well as other functions and features.

The Q-Engine Script is based loosely on my Scripts/Addon-Ons Compendium for RMVX, which incorporates my Extra Stats Window and Parameter Equip +/- Icon scripts.

An expansion to the Bitmap class is planned to include additional shapes (circle, semi-circle, square, etc.) and font capabilities (enhanced shadow and text effects), as well as windows and windowskins effects.

There will be enhancements to the menu, including icons, and status windows. I’m also hoping to re-do my MMORPG Styled Status/Equipment script.

It’s an ambitious project, but I’ll try and post updates and screenshots throughout until the script is finished.