Q-Engine Release Candidate Version 2.0

Work on the Q-Engine has renewed after a brief pause.

The Release Candidate for Version 2.0 is being reworked, with much of the code being tidied up and reconstructed to iron out several incongruities and compatibility issues. The manual is being rewritten from scratch to make it easier to read and will eventually be available as a downloadable file, which will be in DOC and PDF formats. There may also be a simple HTML-ised version online in time.

Planned additions to the Q-Engine (prior to the release of Version 2.0) include:

  • A new Animated Game Over screen
  • Greater flexibility for alternative Status Screen layouts, including character profile information.
  • Additional stats for the Extra Stats window, including XY coordinates.
  • Additional Bitmap methods, including drawing vertical lines and boxes (this is a working idea only at this point).
  • A new 3D MMORPG stylised Equipment Screen, also reflected on the Status Screen.

When Version 2.0 is completed, it will be integrated into The Gladiator Project, which will be rewritten from scratch, drawing on the original ideas but the entire plot infrastructure will be re-done as well. Interest was renewed in the project when I found some archived materials for previous projects, including some very old RM2K3 archives.