Profile/Character Makers (Online)

Profile characters for the Status screen gives it a more aesthetic feeling, rather than sticking with the defaults, which tend to be too commonplace. Below are a few websites that will help create alternative for the Status screen. (Click on the titles to go to the corresponding websites.)

Anime Character Maker 2.2
Anime Character Maker 2.2This is a reincarnation (more like a reinvention almost) of one of the most well-known character makers online. This is one that I’m sure most RPG Maker fans will recognise. The original version had fewer options to choose from, but it looks like much more have been added already. One of the things that annoys me most is the garish colours, but it still works out. Unfortunately, as of yet, there’s still no option to save, but that can be overcome by doing a Print Screen shot, although version 3 may well have the option to save. Look forward to that.

Hero Machine – Super Hero Generator

Randomised Character Using Hero Machine

This generator is designed (as the title says) to make super-hero type characters, although it has enough options to make appropriate characters in RPG Maker and it’s certainly NOT lacking in options. You can choose two colours for your output, the first is the primary colour and the second is the highlighter. You can also add a companion, from a frog to a griffin and a background (you can’t recolour the black-and-white backgrounds). There are also various themes to choose from. I absolutely love this and I’d recommend it to everyone, if not for RPG Maker then the sheer enjoyment. The one above was randomly generated and recoloured.

Portrait Illustration Maker
Portrait illustration created with Portrait Illustration MakerWhile this is specifically “a service which provides character icons completely free of charge…available for your blog site or SNS.”, the graphics are cartoonish, but its online editor has a wealth of features. Output is 96×96 in PNG or JPG formats, so it might be a fun replacement for the facesets. (Caveat: I thought I saw somewhere on the website that images are not redistributable, although I’m not sure if it would be viable for RPG Maker. They require a “copyright link”, which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Just make sure you read through their terms before implementing them in RPG Maker.)

There are inevitably some I’ve overlooked. If you know of any decent ones, let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out and update accordingly.