Pretitle Movie Plugin (RMMV)

Pretitle Movie Plugin (RMMV)

The Pretitle Movie Plugin for RMMV simply adds a movie before the Title Screen.

This could be to display the logos of a game’s creators or studios or perhaps a short background story before you begin to lure players in.

This particular plugin was born from experimentation with the new RPG Maker yesterday, as I was having fun with it. I wanted something before the Title Screen to display my logo and possibly web address. The movie I used was created some time ago and I’ve not put it to much use, to be honest.

So, yesterday’s efforts resulted in a very short something that, according to my other half, has the potential to become a kind of interactive-fiction, story-driven game. In fact, she wants to help write the story for it (she hasn’t been able to write anything for quite some time, so this will be good for both of us!). The video below showcases the game, including the Pretitle Movie Plugin in action, as brief as it is.

Someone may find it useful.