Poll Results November

November’s poll is now closed. Thanks for all who visted this blog and voted.

The results of the poll are:

  • 42% of visitors use RPG Maker VX
  • 46% use RPG Maker XP
  • 15% use RPG Maker 2K/3
  • And 23% use all the RPG Makers

Of the search engine results, the following percentages indicate which RPG Maker has been searched for, whether it was resources, scripts, etc.:

  • 35.64% searched for RPG Maker VX
  • 39.28% for RPG Maker XP
  • 6.93% for RPG Maker 2K/3
  • And 18.15% for other RPG Maker related stuff

And of those, thus far, windowskins or windowskin generators for RMVX is the most popularly searched for, with RMXP windowskins coming a close second. Character sets and resources for all RPG Makers is third.

And those are the results of the first month. I’ll try and focus on these particular areas for now, along with more updates for The Gladiator Project (and other projects along the way). In the meantime, feel free to visit the RPG Maker Times sister blog, RPG Maker Times Resource Center – the link is no longer available, but you can visit the Resources section on this site instead for additional resources, etc.

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