Poll Results – December 1-13

The results of December’s first poll are in!

Voters opted for more RMXP stuff (windowskins, scripts and charsets). So, it looks like my copy of RMXP will need to come out of hibernation.

At the moment, my preference is RMVX as the RPG Maker of choice for my project, The Gladiator Project. The reason for that is because RGSS2 is much more versatile, with several additional features not available in RGSS, that suit my needs for the project.

That said, and with the poll results in mind, what I’ll do for the next few entries is this:

  • RM2K/3 – A basic "woodcutting" tutorial, which I recently rediscovered from a Runescape type project I started making quite some time ago.
  • RMVX – Another few updates on The Gladiator Project, including a tailor-made Status screen, menus and a Dramatis Personae.
  • RMXP – A few more windowskins, some of which are converted from RMVX, and a few scriptlets to start with.

Thanks again to all who voted in this poll.

3 thoughts on“Poll Results – December 1-13

  1. So RMXP is still the more popular Maker? That’s interesting and somewhat odd, because I thought for sure VX would win more votes simply for the reason you pointed out in your post regarding the updated Ruby scripting. Shows what I know: absolutely nothing!!

    I saw the phrase “dramatis personae” and all I could think of was Karl Marx’s “Capital” (LOL). But yay, we get to see some characters! 😀

  2. Yes, I find that rather interesting too. But not really surprising.

    LOL Love your comment about the “Dramatis Personae” (I chose that because of the Romanesque-ness of the game). Only have 4 main characters at the moment, but I think that’s all that’s needed right now.

  3. I’m ashamed at the run-on sentence in my first comment…

    Four characters is good enough for me! I sort of prefer a small group, since it makes leveling everyone up much easier. I like all of my characters to either have the same level or they must be within 5 levels of each other. Don’t ask why I’m obsessive-compulsive about it, because even I don’t know the reasoning behind it! 😀