Plugin Update: Social Media Buttons/In-Game Website Plugin (RMMV)

Plugin Update: Social Media Buttons/In-Game Website Plugin (RMMV)

Version 1.6 of the Social Media Buttons/In-Game Website Plugin is available.

What’s New?

The Twitter button has more options for when visitors click on it – Screen Name and User ID – which go to the corresponding Twitter account.

I also added a Follow option, enabling players to follow your Twitter account directly from within RMMV.

Other Tweaks

Instead of typing the full URL for Facebook, you now only need the page id/name.

Buttons are now defined in a single array setting, rather than as separate settings for each button.

Development Notes

Although the focus has mainly been on Twitter, I’m still conducting experiments with the APIs of other social media sites, notably Facebook, but also Google+ too.

These are ongoing because of the way their share settings work. They use integrated APIs rather than a few short lines of code. They seem targeted more for website integration.

In order for it to work, JavaScript implementation in RPG Maker MV would rely on their SDKs. While this is probably viable, it’s not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Facebook in particular requires embedding their SDK to enable the various share options.

Development on this is on-going, but will continue on and off.