Paranormality Darkling Demo & Webisodes

My RMVXA trial has now ended, but because life has swept me away this month I’ve only experienced 9 days out of the 30 day trial. This means that the RMVXA project (along with the demo) will now no longer be available. As I mentioned previously, having an actual 30-day trial rather than a 30 day usage trial is NOT useful to me at all. Of course, I’ll buy RMVXA, it’s just a question of when I can afford that $90 pricetag, and the way it’s been lately – with too many very large companies demanding very large sums of money – it won’t be soon enough.

All is not necessarily lost. I’m making provision for porting the entire project over to RMVX instead. There won’t be a playable or interactive demo, as I’d planned for RMVXA, but rather a series of webisodes telling the story of Ralph and his quest for his missing sister, presumed dead. All made with RMVX. The previous videos showcasing what would have been part of the demo will be re-updated.

I’ll give more updates later, shortly after the port and first few chapters.