Otherworld Progress…Hmmm!

Progress on Otherworld is going well! Yeah, ok!
Work on Otherworld is going well! Yeah, ok!
It’s the little niggly things that cause the blank stares: a missing closing bracket here, an extra end there, or an unlinked snippet of code you really have no clue why you wrote in the first place.

Sarcasm aside, to be fair, some noticeable progress is being made on Otherworld.

I’m in the process of converting the Map/Compass HUD (for RMXP) to RMVXA but specifically designed for Otherworld.

It’s only hard-going because I’m too tired. The moral would be don’t do it right after an 8-hour shift at work, having not slept for 16 hours! I might as well go to sleep and start working on it again afterwards!