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I realised today there haven’t been any updates for a while, primarily because I’ve been busy with other things. However, I haven’t been idle on the RPG Maker scene.

Snow Fun For Some

Right now though, the UK snow is the major talking point here at the moment, including being the longest persistent cold snap for 30 years! The family “in joke” at the moment is that I brought the snow with me from Canada, since British Columbia has hardly had any – at least not their “usual” amount – and when I go back there things will return to “normal”. With several feet already fallen, and more on its way, people here are ill-equipped to deal with it. Schools have closed, 40% of the workforce have been unable to drive into work, and some of the more isolated areas are still closed off. It’s certainly a winter they will remember for a while!

The Gladiator Project – Graphics Wanted

I’ve had to put TPG on hold for awhile because of a lack of graphics. I’m not good with graphics at all, so if anyone is willing (and able) to create tilesets, character sets, and other types of graphics for the game, it’d be more than greatly appreciated. Contact me here (in comments) or at Twitter. I will give full credit, of course!

Comprehensive Chest Tutorials (RM2K3)

One of the side-projects I have been working on is a huge multi-part RM2K3 “how to” tutorial for chests, which can also be used in RMXP and RMVX, since they use events. Here is a breakdown of the different parts of the tutorial:

  • Part 1: Basic Chests
  • Part 2: Locked Chests
  • Part 3: Random Contents
  • Part 4a: Combination Locks (Basic)
  • Part 4b: Combination Locks (Advanced)
  • Part 5: Trapped Chests
  • Part 6: Picking Locks
  • Part 7: Monster-In-A-Box
  • Part 8: Items by Location (Map ID)
  • Part 9: Items by Level (Hero Level)

There will be a demo that goes along with this tutorial as well.

2 thoughts on“News & Updates

  1. Sometimes I feel guilty that I haven’t updated with new material in a while and then I read you’re busy as well and don’t feel so bad! We have exams at the end of this month, so I’m studying hard. No procrastinating like last January! Then I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Origins, so yeah…I’ve neglected this blog.

    I wish I could help with the graphics, but I haven’t made any custom ones for a a while. Plus, I’m primarily into the musical aspects of game making. Perhaps I could do a track or two for your game (no promises and I don’t do very well with deadlines x__x), but I’d have to get a feel for the game. Inspiration from the source, you know?

    I hope your family is enjoying the snow despite all of the problems its causing! Nice to have it, but cleanup is always a problem because you run out of space to move it after plowing/shoveling. Several feet already though? That’s insane!!

  2. I’ve been playing Wonderland Online more than any other game (not so much Runescape any more).

    I know someone who will be able to create gladiator type graphics, but not for a while. Will probably continue on TGP again when I return to Canada. If you want to create some vibes for the game, that’d be cool, and there wouldn’t be pressure because to me the music and sound effects are the last to be implemented.

    The snow is starting to melt – slowmelt – and they’re calling for more rain, with widespread flooding. But I don’t know; I get the feeling that this is a “lure of false security”. I know I enjoyed the snow, as did my sister and niece. (I put some pics on FB already!)