New Utilities On RMT Collection Update

During May, there will be a plethora of RPG Maker tools and utilities uploaded to the RPG Maker Times Collection RPG Maker Times Companion website.

I know that some of the download links on this blog and Companion aren’t working, particlularly Character Creator Studio VX, which can now be downloaded from its new home. It’s hosted on Collection for convenience for those who tried downloading it from Megaupload and were redirected to that scary-looking FBI closure notice.

Most of the utilities on the site go directly to the authors’ sites or appropriate forum pages, but for those rare utilities that are no longer available for mainstream downloading, they too will be hosted on the site, in particular RM2K/3 utilities, for anyone who still wants them.

I will be reviewing them, showcasing some of their functions, highlights and bugs also as I start testing (or re-testing) them. Companion will eventually no longer be updated (although it will remain online for a while yet) in favour of RMT Collection, which will be regularly maintained and updated. I’m also planning on migrating the site to another web host, as this one displays annoying advertisements at the bottom. (In the beginning, there was a simple bar there, but now they’ve placed distracting flashing boxes and animated promos there; wouldn’t be bad if they were static). And that will probably happen some time in June or July.

Longer term, it may or may not include its own mini-forum, chatroom, social network, product advertising board, and a few other bits and pieces. It depends on a lot of different factors over the next few months or so. More updates will appear as and when they’re available.