New RPG Maker Times Collection Site Live

The RPG Maker Times Collection site is now online. This is part of an ongoing expansion for RPG Maker Times and, as I mentioned previously is designed as a repository for scripts, resources and additional materials contained on this blog, placed in one convenient place. Bear in mind that the site is still under some heavy construction, but progress is being made slowly and surely.

The RMVX Scripts/Addon-Ons Compendium script is now available for download from RPG Maker Times Collection also. This is the ultra up-to-date version and contains the following scripts/scriptlets:

Battle Start Announce Image: Displays an announcer image at the start of the battle.
Critical Hit Flash Screen: Flashes the screen when a party member performs a Critical Hit.
Extra Stats Window: Displays several additional statistics, such as number of battles fought/won, number of towns visited and number of times saved.
Game Progress Window: Displays the current game progress as a percentage.
Location Window: Displays the current map location.
Parameter Equip +/- Icons: Shows icons next to parameters on the Equipment screen according to stat increase/decrease when equipment is equipped/removed.
Window_Status Parameter Options: Optional feature to display the “hidden” parameters (Hit, Evasion, Critical and Odds) in the Status Menu.