New Release: Extra Message Codes Plugin (RMMV)

New Release: Extra Message Codes Plugin (RMMV)

The Extra Message Codes plugin provides a few extra control characters for message windows.


This was originally created for Otherworld as part of the OW Engine, as I wanted certain functions that aren’t used in other message plugins. Because Otherworld requires some specific functions I added them to the OW Engine and decided to separate them and publicly release the resultant plugin.

Most of the message systems (most notably Yanfly’s Message Core plugin) have some very useful functions. However, many are lacking certain features that may or may not be desired.

This is not – and will not – be a replacement message system. If a feature is available in another plugin (notwithstanding my own game add-ins), then I’d recommend using that plugin instead.


With the Extra Message Codes plugin, you can add the following to your messages:

  • Total number of battles.
  • Number of battles won.
  • Number of battles escaped.
  • Current (local) date.
  • Current map display name.
  • Number of followers in the party.
  • Total amount of gold in the party (with currency symbol).
  • Party size.
  • Game play time.
  • Current (local) time.

Future Updates

Future updates depend on inspiration, what’s needed in my projects (present and future), and suggestions by others. So, in time, I’ll also add more relating to some of the plugins I’ve written specifically for Otherworld (such as the Karma System plugin) or Gaia’s Dream (such as gender options).