New Companion Site & Updates

New Companion Site

RPG Maker Times will see a few changes in March. I’ve been working on a new website, RPG Maker Times Collection, which will become a repository for some of the main pages on the RPG Maker Times sites.

The main aim of the site is to (finally) place all of the scripts and resources (such as windowskins) all in one place, thereby reducing the need for additional blogs outside of RPG Maker Times and RPG Maker Times Companion. A single site will make it easier to update them more regularly.

The Gladiator Project

In March, I’m determined to get a demo out. Work will resume in March and I’ll continue with the project in earnest. The bugbear at the moment is the body model for the MMO Style 3D Model script for the Status and Equipment screens, but I’m so close to cracking it. Incidentally, this script was first implemented on Ars Mechanicum Genesis, which was also integrated with KGC’s Advanced Equip script, and which has since undergone a major overhaul.

The Extra Stats script has also been modified to integrate with the TGP system, including Reputation, Favor/Disfavor and Arena Stats. I’m also attempting on redesigning some game-specific icons for the Extra Stats mini-window on the Status Menu.

The first few maps are almost done, with only a few minor tweaks necessary. The cutscenes and event-based fillers are the only things not done. That said, the battle system has yet to be decided.

Engine 001

I’m also getting ready to try and install Engine 001 again. If I can get it to work I’ll spend a little time experimenting with it. Maybe I can produce a few tutorials or how-to’s on it as well. This might take some time, as I’ve never really played with it.