Moving Through Treacle Update

That’s how I feel, like I’m moving through treacle. So many things I’d like to do, so many projects on the go, and only so much time to do them. I guess this is where those good time management skills can come out of hibernation now. Anyway, onto some updates.

001 Engine

I’ve been playing around with the Engine 001 for about a week now. It’s pretty damn hot actually and very easy to use, although in the beginning the learning curve can be a bit steep if you’re not used to it. One of the things I absolutely love about this maker is that scripting is achieved by selecting the options from a complex set of commands (a bit like the Event Commands in the RPG Makers), which is then displayed in a kind of flow chart format. I haven’t even scratched the surface of its potential yet, but from what I’ve seen it’ll be a good one to use and include on RPG Maker Times. And I guess this is where the expert guestbloggers come in handy too because, frankly, I don’t know my way around 001 Engine enough yet to justify putting any kind of tutorials up.

RPG Maker Times Collection

I started some serious work on the RPG Maker Times Collection website. Regular visitors will already know that it’s a repository for much of the materials on RPG Maker Times, rather than having them strewn all over the place.

At the moment, the site is still a bit messy, with broken links and a lack of real content. I’ll be working on that bit by bit, so regular visitors to the site should start noticing something more concrete as time goes on.

The Gladiator Project

I’ve finally finished Stage One of the MMORPG Styled 3D Model Status/Equip script. Using a combination of Make Human (a program that allows you to create 3D models) and GIMP Shop, I’ve ended up with a much better, cleaner model than previously. In versions above 1.0, this will be fully integrated into KGC’s Equip Extension script.

RPG Maker Times Cartoon Strip

As many of you will probably already know, especially if you’ve read the previous post about this topic, I’ve started creating a few random cartoons. At the moment, the main Cartoon Strip is hosted at WordPress, but y’know, I’m just not happy with it. So today I’ll be migrating it over to Blogger, which means that I may finally end up using one of the Dynamic Layouts I’ve been eyeing up for a while. But we’ll see how it goes.

That’s it for another exciting update. Stay tuned until the next one!