More Windowskins VX #3

Here are some more RMVX windowskins. All of the windowskins on this blog are compiled on Windowskins page, where you can view examples of these (and all the other) RMVX and RMXP windowskins. Right-click and save the image to your hard drive.

Some of the windowskins here are gone forever, although most have been recovered from Img S***.

Cerulean Chrome Cloudy
Cerulean RMVX Windowskin Chrome RMVX Windowskin Cloudy RMVX Windowskin>
Grape Orange Sun Saffron
Grape RMVX Windowskin Orange Sun RMVX Windowskin Saffron RMVX Windowskin
  Water 1 RMVX Windowskin  

The next windowskin update will be for RMXP, including conversions of some of these RMVX windowskins.

4 thoughts on“More Windowskins VX #3

  1. Ha ha…no you don’t want to see it, believe me, its such a mess that it would completely destroy the psyche of anyone foolish enough to gaze upon it!! (overdramatic) But really, it isn’t organized in the least bit. >_< I’d like to incorporate a tactical battle system; I think it would mesh better with the overall gameplay (because of the amount of playable characters), but scripting is not my forte’. If I could find a nice engine exclusively dedicated to creating tactical RPGs, I’d be in heaven! Anyhow, I know someone by the name of GubiD’s made a TBS for RMXP, so hopefully it can be adapted for VX.

  2. It’s not that hard to convert RGSS to RGSS2, as long as you know where to look for those “changes”. E.g. for enemies RMXP uses “troop” and RMVX uses “enemy”. The only difficulties might be where scripts use RMVX exclusive script terms.