More Site Problems! @%&#!

RPG Maker Times & Companion has been having a quite a few problems lately. Previously it was a "500 – Internal Server" error and then it was a "508 – Resource Limit Reached" error. While those seem to have been resolved for now, there appears to be more anomalies on the site.

The 508 error was established as being due to an unexpected increase in traffic to the site. I was told by Tech Support that it was caused by the fact that the domain is using a shared host and to compensate for the traffic increase they had to temporarily disable the site to distribute bandwidth more evenly for others. Also given the fact that both RPG Maker Times & Companion and my other site Paranormal Footprints share the same subscription account, the combined traffic contributed to the resource limit strain.

So now the next batch of problems are manifold. You may notice that the site is loading abnormally slowly, several images aren’t displaying or are showing as broken, a completely messed-up layout, or the site might not load at all.

I’ve tested in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer with the same varying results. Not only is this frustrating, it’s also very annoying. The subscription is meant to be unlimited, so I don’t see any reason why an 40% increase in traffic should overly affect it (50%+ I can understand).

At this point, I don’t know what the resolution is, but I’m sure one will be found even if it’s migrating one or both sites to another web host, or separating Paranormal Footprints will become a separate subscription on the same account next year.