Miscellaneous Utilities

A number of useful utilities to aid in game-making with RM2K3 have been produced, aside from the Character Creators.

The following utilities are designed for "hacking" resources:

  • ResHack (RM2K/3) – Short for Resource Hack, this great utility allows the hacking of games or RM2K. With it, game icons, text, etc. can be modified to suit individual needs.
  • RM Reck (RM2K/3) – Similar to ResHack (above), it allows game icon, glyphs, and even logo screens to be changed. This is compatible with both RM2K and RM2K3.
  • Animget – This useful utility enables ripping of sprites and other animations, mostly from emulators. Once it’s been activated, it runs in the background and saves snapshots every 0.1 seconds for appropriate resource modification later.

Other useful programs that can be used are:

  • RMTool (RM2K/3) – It scans RPG Maker games for missing files and gives instructions on how to fix it. For example, if a MIDI or particular graphics file is missing from the game’s Project folder, this tool will tell you which one is missing. Note that it was specifically made for RM2K, but works as well with RM2K3, except for 2K3-specific folders (i.e. System2, BattleChars, CharSets, etc.); they just won’t be scanned.
  • Zorn’s RM2K Tool (Direct Download not working) – A solid utility that allows random creation of Game Titles, Hero Names, Item Names, Equipment Names and Skill Names (using an editable external text file). It also has a few tutorials built in. These have been designed for RM2K, but should also work with RM2K3.

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    Veritas said…
    I’ve been using 2k3 since… well, 2k3, and I’m still finding stuff on this website that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Fantastic content!

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    Wow! Thanks 🙂
    I didn’t realize anyone had commented, so 5 months later… LOL

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Direct DownloadThe primary purpose of AnimGet (or Animation Get) is to extract animation frames for use in RPG Maker (or other animation programs). When activated,...