Miscellaneous Updates

This entry is out-of-date, but has been kept and archived here for posterity.

Well, once again there have been fewer entries than I’d like to see, but that’s the price we pay when work takes priority. I’m in between jobs right now, so will have more time for consistent updates and to give a progress report on The Gladiator Project.

Regular visitors will already recognize the new layout and design. I’m not sure if I like it yet, so may tweak it again, though I was going for the three-column layout as I find it neater and more versatile. It took me a long LONG time to configure it exactly how I wanted it (basically tweaked Blogger’s Scribe Template and added graphics).

Yes, three of the images on the title is from Runescape, for those who regularly play it. The first is my Broodoo Mask disguise, the second is my ghost impression for Halloween and the third is my Bear Mask. Runescape is actually one of my favorite games right now, alongside IGG’s Wonderland Online.

In the meantime, I’ll have a progress report ready in the next entry – not the game itself, since that isn’t even started yet, but some of the graphics I’ve created for the game.

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