Message Codes Plugin Update 1.6

Message Codes Plugin Update 1.6

For the Message Codes Plugin, as well as some tweaks and bug fixes, the following have been added:

The main update is Text Alignment, where text can be aligned left, center and right. This is what I call “true form alignment” because it doesn’t have additional whitespace when centring.

Note: It’s far from perfect, but it’s functional and roughly centers the text in the window, although I’m not sure how or if Yanfly’s Message plugin affects this, as I haven’t had a chance to test that.

Other updates are:

  • Number of Saved Games: Display the number of saved games you have.
  • Plugin Parameters: Added some plugin parameters so you can define your own text for age and gender if unknown or not specified in the characters’ note.
  • Game Version: You can also use the version number of your game (also defined in the parameters).

I also changed some of the escape code names to make them more unique and less likely to conflict with other message plugins. So, if you’re using an older version than this, please make sure they’ve all been updated to the new ones.