It’s Official – RPG Maker Times Is Being Rehosted

It looks as though RPG Maker Times & Companion will be migrating to another host, this time a Virtual Private Server. At this point it’s still in early stages, but it’s becoming harder to maintain with all the rigmarole with the errors relating to the resource limit being reached. It’s a side-effect of a site growing too big for its clothes and needing newer bigger ones. So, it looks like this will be officialised the end of this month or next month.

After migration, there will be a few slight overall changes to the site.

Name Change

The name of the blogsite will become RPG Maker Times. This’ll make it easier in the long run. It’s actually going back to its roots. The old blog at Blogger will be renamed with "Companion" added to avoid confusion with this one.

Posts/Pages Restructure

The posts deemed irrelevant or out-of-date will be retroactively deleted and some of the content (including pages) will also be deleted or reorganised accordingly, mostly just simplified.

New Layout

The blogsite will most likely have a new layout, something that’s easy to maintain and optimize. I’ll be aiming for speed and efficiency.

Patience Comes In Little Boxes

Yes, I’m starting to lose patience with it all, but I’ll need mountains of it! The process is going to be hideous – I can tell already! – and will take a lot of time to complete. In the end, however, it should be worthwhile!