In The Name of Internet Paranoia

It seems that in the name of internet paranoia, this blog has been flagged as “badware” by Stop Badware, which is ABSOLUTE CRAP! There IS NO badware or other malware on here!

The culprit is apparently a group of Javascript files (used for some of the widgets) that apparently link to “flagged” sites. I am NOT responsible for links actually on that site, only for the content contained in the JS files, which only contains the code for the widgets.

I’ve submitted a review, but that’ll take time. This happened last year as well but to my “business” website and as a result, I lost business. There was NO badware on that site either. By the time it was all cleared up, I closed the site; it had been “flagged” for too long.

Meantime I will be disabling that damn option in Firefox and keeping it off. And I’d recommend others do the same, since some of the sites that shouldn’t be flagged are being flagged, simply because they contain a link to a link to a link that has some semblance of badware on it. And the badware message that is displayed because of it with the legendary “Get me out of here!” button is enough to place the fear of God into the nescient! It’s just freaking ridiculous that they don’t actually check the site FIRST before placing that overbearing, scaremongering message!

Ok, rant over! Hopefully it WILL be resolved soon, otherwise there will be hell to pay…again!