I’m Back Kinda

I’m back and half-running. After a string of bad luck, including not having the internet for 3 intolerable weeks and a serious bout of sinusitis for a week and a half (for which I finally relented and went to the doctor’s for some antibiotics) – things should get back on track.

Another serious problem is Heliohost. That’s where I hosted The Gladiator Project and co-hosted the RPG Maker Times Windowskins. The trouble is that it’s proven itself as reliable as a chocolate fireguard. So I’ll be terminating my account there and looking for somewhere else.

What I’m hoping for is to find somewhere reliable where I can host all of my projects and subsites. I’ve been using WordPress for the majority of these side-blogs because of the additional versatility. However, RPG Maker Times will remain on Blogger, as I’ve been using it practically since its inception and it’s still my favorite.

While I was “away”, I did create a few more scripts – primarily while experimenting with a few things – which I’m hoping to put on another subsite along with the other scripts.

I’d like to put a load of tutorials online as well, but we’ll have to see how that goes.