Heard About RPG Maker 20XX?

Neither have I, but discovered it by accident. This is what it says on its website:

To address the old-age and technology of RPG Maker 2003′s RPG Runtime engine, a replacement will be written that implements more modern features. This is intended to work both as a 1-1 replacement for the RPG_RT.exe executable and as an extender to allow features which would be cumbersome to implement conventionally as event scripts.

There are also a long string of bugs and feature requests that will be addressed with this engine, especially the more commonly known battle bugs and speed/agility problems.

Sounds like it would be useful, except I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I’d have to dig my RM2K3 – it can be used with RM2K and RM2K3 – and its projects out of limbo, as it seems to be semi-reliant on the Maker’s base materials, the RPG_RT, to work. When I have more time I may check into it further. (I wonder what the implied legalities are with this.)

EDIT: It appears that this project has been cancelled. You can most likely still download it if you search for it.

5 thoughts on“Heard About RPG Maker 20XX?

  1. Actually you only need the editor, you can delete RPG_RT from your game folder. Naming my engine as RPG_RT.exe just makes it easier on you so it will run when you hit test play editor (instead of having to run it in the game folder every time by double-clicking).

    It’s from scratch and open source licensed under LGPL(SVN):

    The default battle system is missing, but many functions exist to make CBSs magnitudes easier to make. It will play existing games soon, but right now it’s fully capable of making new games if you make a CBS.

    Download includes instruction manual and a spreadsheet documenting implemented and unimplemented commands:


  2. Oh yeah, and being an open source replacement, it allows you to legally publish and sell your game.. As long as you adhere to the LGPL and don’t use material (graphics/sound) you don’t have rights to.

    React OS has a very similar philosophy:

    It too is legal and a replacement for proprietary software just as 20XX is.

  3. T-T-Triple post! I don’t see an edit button anywhere.. I forgot to mention that FMOD requires a license if you want to sell your game. I don’t know anyone selling an RPG Maker game anyway so this isn’t an issue, but if you did you’d have to pick one up. It’s about 100 bucks.