Guestblogging For 2012

Some time in the New Year, 2012, I’m looking into the possibility of “guestblogging” as part of an expansion program into other RPG Makers and/or game creators. If you are interested, I’m looking for particular areas:

  • Graphics: Resources, especially sprites, tilesets, facesets and windowskins.
  • Other Engines: Including RPG Maker VX Ace, Engine 001 (especially) and Dungeon Craft (FRUA), with the possibility also of OHRRPGCE, RPG Toolkit, Verge, and others.
  • Tutorials: Long or short tutorials and other how-to’s (including scripting and eventing) on these makers, including any of the RPG Makers.

The major reasons I’m interested in guestblogging is to:

  • Include other RPG Makers on the site as part of the expansion process because I simply don’t have the time to exclusively experiment with them all. Not even with proper time management!
  • Provide a small slice of the web for tutorials and how-to’s on RPG Makers and/or areas I’m not familiar with so that others can benefit too.
  • Expose other game makers’ sites, including those starting out.

To apply, submit applications to the RPG Maker Times Facebook page. Please include the following details:

  • ID Name – The ID/User Name you’d like to use.
  • Website/Blog Address – This is the name of your website or blog, if you have one, which will appear linked to your chosen name.
  • Maker/Engine – The names of the makers or engines you’d like to guestblog on.
  • Specialties – This could be eventing, scripting or graphics.
  • Regularity – How often you’re able and willing to post.

Do NOT post personal details, such as email or contact addresses, as those should remain private to prevent unsolicited spam (something I’m strongly against). Instead, I’ll send an IM through Facebook if/when the applicants have been accepted. Note that only then will I ask for an email address, since it’s a prerequisite of being able to guestblog, and I will NOT use it for any purpose other than adding you as a guestblogger.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t feel comfortable with IMs, you can use the email address on the RPG Maker Times Facebook Information page. You can submit unsolicited materials there and I will implement them upon approval. Do NOT send any spam to that email address. I will check the veracity of each link and if they don’t apply to the RPG Maker Times Terms & Conditions they’ll be blocked.

Entries submitted through guestblogging will be implemented proper some time in the first quarter of 2012, so if you’re interested why not apply now!