Game Reviews Coming Soon

I must confess that I should have been working on my own projects, but instead I’ve been playing a few RPG Maker games over the past few months so now it’s time to finally start reviewing them. I did mention a while back about doing this. Now is the time, I guess, so over the next few weeks I’ll try and get some reviews up.

Among the games that will be reviewed (in no particular order) are:

  • Intelligence by Bizarre Monkey
  • Spellbinder by OriginalWij
  • The Cartographer by Avadan
  • The Lore of Lorewyn by Hard Triangle (Christian Clinton)

To keep things simple, the reviews will contain the following categories:

  • Storyline: The actual plot, including story and character development.
  • Graphics: The use of graphics and graphical effects.
  • Music/Sound: The music used throughout the game and effective use of sound effects (including speech).
  • Gameplay: How well the game plays and general ease of use.
  • Overall: The final score, based on the overall feel of the gaming experience.

I haven’t decided whether to score using percentages or a simple star system – most likely the latter – but that will probably come after the first review has been written. It may mean that I’ll have to replay the games as a reminder of what’s what, but that doesn’t matter too much.

I’ll try to get the first review up within the week.