Finally Back Online

I finally got the Internet back, but have been busy specifically with coursework as well as volunteering at CHAD.

I’m currently using Ubuntu and warming up to it rapidly. I used a much earlier version while in Canada but, back then, it was a little less user-friendly. My computer’s actually dual-booting Ubuntu/Windows XP, but the major problem is lack of memory (mine as well as the computer’s) and, while RPG Maker XP/VX does run it doesn’t run very well. When I built the computer I thought it had at least 500Mb of RAM, but instead it only has 256Mb. So the result is, well, slow! A snail on a cold day runs faster! Anyway, I’ll be upgrading the RAM (hopefully) to at least a Gig.

I tried running RMVX on Ubuntu (under Wine) with very limited results. It can be done, but, unfortunately, there’s more against this method than for. I’ll write up a report in a future entry.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking into updating the navigation menu, as well as working on a few tutorials soon, possibly a few scriptlets (I don’t know yet), as well as researching some of the other RPG Makers, so RPG Maker Times can get back on track.