Finally A New Nav Menu

RPG Maker Times has finally had a long needed, often deferred facelift. Regular visitors will notice that the top navigation menu has changed from its old incarnation. It’s much simpler now, but is easier to update should the need arise to add items to the menu.

After careful consideration, and much experimentation, I opted for this format because, with the advent of RPG Maker Times Companion, the need to have the dropdown subsections is greatly reduced.

Most of the links are tag-based, so if you’re looking for specific engines you can easily skim through all of its related articles. Furthermore, many links go to the various index pages of RPG Maker Times Companion, which lists the articles clearly.

Note: The “Windowskins” portion of the menu is NOT implemented yet. All Windowskins are still available on the Companion site.

RPG Maker Times and Companion are cross-referenced, so I’ll be going through each of the articles on this blog and deciding if and how they’ll be linked. This process might take a while, but I’m determined to make progress on it this month, although it probably won’t be all the way complete.

I’ll also begin trying out some of the other RPG Makers, which is reflected in the menu, but that most likely won’t be this month. Guest bloggers are welcome to submit articles relating to these other RPG Makers, as at the moment I know next to nothing about them.

6 thoughts on“Finally A New Nav Menu

  1. Ah, the top navigation menu has a clean/smooth look, but is effective of course (why in the world am I analyzing your navi?) 🙂

    Interested in seeing what other RPG Makers you’re going to blog about! I haven’t utilized any others except for a short run with RPG Toolkit and by then, RPG Maker 2003 was pirated and I started using that instead. I do remember the stock music, which came with the program was good, however!

  2. OK, literally laughed out loud over the subliminal message part.

    I forgot all about Open RPG Maker! I wonder how easy it is to use, since the app is supposedly based off of the RPG Maker series. I do like the fact that it is open source. OK, and free, too! But for some reason, I thought the editor was only up and running, and there was no engine for actually playing created games?? Maybe I’m thinking of another program…

  3. That’s the one. I believe development halted for a while, but it’s back on track. The editor is mostly complete, but the editor won’t be developed until the rest of it is. Somewhere here I gave it a mini feature review…Unless I’m being subliminally menu-tised. ^_^

  4. It’s not abandoned, just taking time to (re)develop. I was actually made aware of it via my other weblog RPG Maker Times Companion, so decided to get on it right away. As a form of encouragement, y’know. So many RPG Maker clones/types fall by the wayside, so it’s certainly refreshing to see something show promise and progress.

    The only thing you probably need to worry about the menu is its simplified style-ation! 😉