Extra Stats Window Script

I wrote this script while studying the Battle_Scene class with the intentions of creating a Custom Battle Scene for TGP.

The Extra Stats window can be accessed from the menu to display the following stats:

System Stats

  • Number of Saves – This is the number of times you’ve saved the game.
  • Number of Inn Stays – This logs the number of times the party has stayed at an Inn, rested, healed, etc.
  • Number of Steps – This is the total number of steps the party has taken in the game.

Battle Stats

  • Total Victories – This is a record of the total number of fights won.
  • Total Kill Count – This records the total number of enemies defeated.
  • Total Escape Count – This records the total number of times the party has successfully fled from combat.

Time Stats

  • Time Played – This logs the amount of time the game has been played for.
  • Time/Date – This displays the current date and time (based on the system clock settings).

Game Stats

  • Game Progress – This is an indication of how far into the game you’ve progressed, which is manually configured through events.
  • Location – This displays the current map location.

Download the script from the link above, copy and paste it above Main. Instructions and conditions of use are in the script itself.

I’d be interested in suggestions for additions (if they’re viable) for inclusion in future versions. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments and I’ll see if I can add them.

Edit: This has now been implemented in TGP under Statim Extra on the menu, but will be greatly expanded for the game.