Extra Stats Script – VXA

This is my first actual script for RMVXA and my first properly released (full) script.

This is the same as the Extra Stats Window Script for RMVX, but with a lot of additions and improvements.

Extra Stats Script - RMVXA

To be honest, I only did this to see if I could do it. As a result there are inevitably areas for improvement. It was made doubly more difficult by the fact that, since I’ve been using the trial version of RMVXA, writing the scripts directly in its editor isn’t possible. Instead, I used a combination of Notepad and the “RMVX workaround” to produce a working script.

This is actually a big deal for me because it’s a measure of my scripting progress (which a lot of die-hard scripters take for granted!), so if you do use the script, please be sure to read the Terms of Use and credit me accordingly. Thanks!