Extra Chapter 1: Front Opening – The Complete Chests Tutorial

Continuing the Chest Tutorial, the next set of tutorials either enhance existing tutorials or adds some extra features to chests.

To add some realism, you won’t nessecarily be able to open a chest from behind, only from the front. This is how it can be achieved in RM2K3.

In Conditional Branch (third tab, second column), there is an option to determine which direction the Hero is facing.

Branch if Hero Up Facing
Play Sound: open1
Message: The chest opens!
Move Event: This Event, Face Right
Wait: 0.2 Sec
Move Event: This Event, Face Up
Wait: 0.2 Sec
Move Event: This Event, Face Left
Wait: 0.2 Sec
Change Items: Potion 1 Add
Message: Potion received.
Switch Operation: [0011:Chest E1 Opened] ON

: Else Handler
Message: Try opening it from the front!
: End

So, if you try opening the chest from the sides or back, a message will tell you to open it from the front.