Exporting RPG Maker Games To iPhone, Android, Etc.

Exporting RPG Maker games to iPhone, Android and other platforms is perhaps one of the most requested features for developers and users alike. This is especially true with the rise in popularity of "mobile" devices, such as phones and tablets. As a result technology demands further needs for exporting RPG Maker games to these formats.

It’s been tried and tested, of course, with some measured success, especially with RPG Maker (XP, VX and VX Ace) working to some degree on Linux/Ubuntu.

A direct port of any RPG Maker to other platforms has too many technical problems to make it viable, especially since it uses Windows-reliant technology to run. There are further proprietary issues when it comes to using these on other platforms, such as DirectX, and copyright issues when using the default RTP when exporting RPG Maker games to iPhones, Android, and the many other platforms available.

I found an interesting and helpful article that goes more in-depth with this same issue – definitely worth the read!

The overall conclusion is that RPG Maker is and will remain a Windows only product. At least for now or until the technologies behind the various platforms can find a consolidated method for successfully exporting RPG Maker games.