Events Tutorials 2a: Picture Effects – Fading In/Out

Events Tutorials 2a: Picture Effects – Fading In/Out

This is the second video in the Events Tutorials series.

It’s a multi-parter demonstrating how to create some cool picture effects for your RPG Maker games.

In the first video (this one), we’ll cover fading pictures in and out on maps for things like chapters. The second video in the series deals with tinting picture effects. There may be more picture effects tutorials in the future.

For future tutorials, I’ll draw on different sources or whenever I’m inspired. However, if you have suggestions for future Events Tutorials, let me know in the comments below.

Video Tutorial

Other RPG Makers

The steps in this video will work in other RPG Makers, probably with some tweaking. Setting up is essentially the same, as it only uses picture events.

I’ll try and make most of the videos usable with other RPG Makers so they’re easy to convert. Sometimes, however, RMMV (my main focus) will have exclusive content that may still be convertible with some tweaking.