Events Tutorial 1 – Using Party Leaders (RMMV)

Events Tutorial 1 – Using Party Leaders (RMMV)

This is the first in a series of Events Tutorials I’d like to create.

In this first one, Using Party Members, I demonstrate how to access the party leader via events. Not just printing out who’s leading the party in the message box, but also interacting with them and making them interact as leader.

For future tutorials, I’ll draw on different sources, including my own techniques and some at Yahoo! Answers.

However, if you have suggestions for future Events Tutorials, let me know in the comments below.

Video Tutorial

Use In Otherworld

I used this method in Otherworld, where certain characters must be party leader to progress.

This, when combined with the Karma System, plays a huge role in the game’s course and impacts the end-game. And, consequently, the kind of ending you receive.

I thought I’d share this technique with others and, hopefully, some can benefit from it or use it in their own games. And with that, until the next tutorial!