Domain Name Technical Issues

It appears that RPG Maker Times’s new domain is having “issues”. I’m not sure at this point if it’s due to the web host, my computer/firewall, or the domain transfer. Hopefully, this’ll all be resolved soon. If not, then I’ll approach it a different way and revert to its subdomain until a proper solution can be found.

EDIT: As of 22 May, 2012, it’s still down. The source of the problem has been traced to a database corruption, which is in the process of being restored and backed up.

EDIT: As of 25 May, 2012, the new domain site is up and running again. The problem was established as a corrupted database. The backup post file was also corrupted, which means literally starting afresh using the backed-up posts and materials.

EDIT: The new domain can be found here.