Dan's RMXP Tool

Dan’s RMXP Tool is a useful utility for inspiration, which allows you to create names for characters, game titles, and a plethora of other things. The title is something of a misnomer because it can be used for all of the RPG Makers and other game makers also. (I have, on occasion, even used it for inspiration for titles for short stories!)

The screenshot below shows an example of what it can do. (The skill it chose, "Cruel Skill", conjures up quite a few visuals, some of which are just cruel.)

Dan's RMXP Tool
Dan’s RMXP Tool
  • Random Title Generator: Generates game titles, examples of which are Old Birthright or Deep Spirit. Some humorous ones are Comfortable Tormentor or Shallow Parasite.
  • Random Character: Generates names for characters, male and female. There is also an option to choose the character’s nationality, which reflects the nature of the name – English, Greek, Japanese, Gaelic and Demon.
  • Random Item Name: Generates dynamic names for items. Examples are Crooked Root and Divine Water, with some humorous ones being Nervous Nut or Flat Chance.
  • Random Equipment: Generates names for equipment (weapons, armor, etc.). The first few tries yielded the following results: something down-to-earth, Massive Sword; something dynamic, Ghost Shoulder Pad; and something humorous, Ill Shield and Upset Plate.
  • Random Skill Name: Generates random skill names, such as Giant Blow, High Rain or Flaky Nebula.

In addition to all this, under "Select Generate Mode" is an NPC Stats Generator, which randomizes the stats for non-player characters, including providing a name. You can also choose the level of difficulty for the NPC.

While this certainly is a nifty utility, sometimes it takes ages to get the "right" name for something, especially items, since it draws from separate data files for adjectives and nouns or first names and last names. That said, it is still a useful utility nevertheless.


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