CW’s Scripts Compendium – Forthcoming

I decided to compile some of the scripts I’ve written into a single compendium. Many of them were scattered throughout various projects I’d done, hence the decision to place them all in one place, making it much easier to access and reference.

I’ve shared some of these scripts on RPG Maker Times, but they’ve since been updated. None of them have links yet, as I’m still compiling the scripts. They’re here more for reference, but when the compilations are complete I’ll upload the demos for downloading.

RMVX Scripts Compendium

  • Battle Announcement Image v1.0 – Display an image announcing the commencement of a battle.
  • Critical Hit Flash Screen v1.0 – Flash the screen (red) when a critical hit is inflicted on monsters.
  • Extra Stats Window v1.2 – Display additional stats, such as number of steps, number of battles/escapes, etc.
  • Game Progress Window v1.6 – Display the game progress as a percentage in the Status Menu.
  • Location Window v1.6 – Display the current location in the Status Menu.
  • MMO Styled Body Status v1.5 – Display a 3D model on the Status Screen in a similar vein to many MMOs, updated according to what’s equipped/unequipped on the Equipment Screen.
  • Parameter Equip +/- Icons v1.0 – Display an increase/decrease icon on the Equipment screen according to how equipping/unequipping weapons and armour affects stats.
  • Victory Announcement Image v0.1 – Display an image announcing victory after a successful battle.

RMVXA Scripts Compendium

  • Extra Stats Window v1.0 – As with the RMVX version.
  • MMO Styled Body Status v0.5 – As with the RMVX version.

I don’t know what happened to my RMXP scripts yet. Most likely they’re on one of the backup CDs, except I’ve not found them yet.