Create Your Own Resources

Sometimes the resources that come with RMXP are not enough and you might want to create your own. There are several websites and programs that allow such customization, thus:


  • Dan’s RMXP Tool (RMXP) – A useful tool for inspiration, which allows you to create names, titles, items, etc. (EDIT: Moved to the Multi-Platform Tools section.)
  • Move Event (RMXP) – This utility helps with programming complex character movements, which can otherwise be very tedious.
  • Character Maker (RMXP) – Allows the creation of sprites and character sets. (While this program is limited on features, some cool character sets can still be made from it.)
  • Face Maker (Multi-Platform) – What’s a character set without a matching face? This helps in creating such facesets for message boxes. (To download, you’ll have to become a member of the forum, but it’s well worth it!)

Online Creators

  • Character Sprite Generator – A good sprite/character maker for RMXP, but with limited resources. You can change the hair, eyes, clothing, etc. [No longer available!]

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